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Installing an Invisible Zipper

Step 1: Replace your sewing machine foot with your invisible zipper foot, lining up the center marking with your needle.

Step 2: Unzip your zipper. From the wrong side, iron the zipper coils flat using a synthetic setting on your iron. Do not zip up your zipper until you are finished with installation.

Step 3: Pin or clip your zipper tape to your fabric, Right Sides Together (RST), with the coil on the seam allowance and zipper stop 3/4” below cut edge of fabric.

Step 4: With your zipper coil in the right groove of your zipper foot, stitch until your foot touches the slider. Backtack to secure in place.

Step 5: Pin or clip the free zipper tape to the remaining garment as you did in step 3.

Step 6: With your zipper coil in the left groove of the zipper foot (making sure the center of your zipper foot is still lined up with the needle), sew until your reach the zipper stop. Backtack to secure in place.

Step 7: To stitch the remaining seam, start by closing your zipper and replace your invisible zipper foot with your regular zipper foot. Start sewing 1/4″ from the end of your zipper seam and 1/8” away from the stitch line. Once you pass the zipper stop, switch to a regular presser foot and finish your seam.

Admire your newly installed invisible zipper!

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My name is Trissa and I love to sew! Self taught and have been sewing for close to 5 years. I also love lifting weights, painting, ceramics and snuggling my little man <3 Cheers!

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  1. I love this! Although I’ve previously installed an invisible zipper, this was very helpful! Any advice on putting an invisible zipper hidden in a seam? Like not starting it at the top of fabric?

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