Why that 1″ measurement square is SO important

If you ever sew using PDF patterns, you’ve likely seen the 1″ (or 2, 3, or 4″ depending on the pattern maker) measurement gauge square. This square is designed for you to ensure that your pattern has printed correctly, so your finished project fits correctly.

Nobody wants to cut into the pretty fabric they’ve been hoarding for the perfect project for who knows how long, only to have the finished product not fit.

The other day I heard somebody say, in regards to checking the gauge square, that their grandmother always said if 1/8″ is going to make it not fit, it didn’t fit to begin with. And while maybe that’s true with an overall measurement, that’s not how the 1″ square works.

Let’s just say that on your pattern piece for a top, your gauge square is off by just¬†1/16th of an inch. Now we will assume that the full bust measurement of the finished garment should be 40 inches. If your gauge square measured 15/16th of an inch, instead of 1 full inch, that means that every¬†inch of your pattern is off. You’re missing 40/16th of an inch, or 2.5 inches overall in both width and length. That’s the difference between a top that fits great, and sitting in the corner crying over the custom print you just cut into and now have to come up with a plan B for – not that I’ve ever done that…

So any time you think about just eyeballing it because who has time to measure that stupid square and it looks close enough…

Remember how important it really is! Always check your measurement square!!


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