Snaps for the Cosplaysuit!

Adding snaps to your Cosplaysuit is a simple hack that can make it ease to add a fun, decorative touch. Before cutting your fabric, you’ll want to add an extension to the front pattern piece. Starting at the neckline edge, add 1″ along center front, stopping just before you get to the curved part of the seam. Jog back in to the original pattern piece with a straight line as shown in the photo below.

After you’ve cut out your fabric, add a strip of fusible interfacing along the extension that you added.

Fold over the extension, so the interfacing is sandwiched between the fabric, and press. Add a row of topstitching to the edge of the extension. Repeat the last steps to add fusible interfacing to the other front piece. Next, stitch the curved part of the rise below the extension.

Place your pieces (which are now connected along the crotch) face up on the table so they are situated how they will be on the body. Smooth the pieces out so they are flat along center front and add your snaps.


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